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Mobiles from reUse and other preciosities //
Móviles de derrelijo y otras preciosidades //
Mobiles aus und mit Strandgut,Wertlosem, und anderen Preziositäten //


The Casa De Cultura in Calpe
has successfully secured the talents of seven international artists for the first showing of a breathtaking
touring exhibition opening next month.

The exhibition will run from September 3rd - 30th, with doors open between 09:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs Monday
to Friday at the Casa De Cultura, Av Masou 1, Calpe.

Seven highly skilled and innovative international artists have come together under the banner
‘Angels: Coniunctis Viribus’ to create new works using paper as the medium which ties together this
thought-provoking, visual extravaganza.

In Huellas Humanas, Debra Cazalet, Don Henderson, Anna Maria Jansen, Patricia Ropohl, Júlia Vela,
Judith Verheij and Katherine M Waters use paper as a starting point to explore some pressing themes -
and in a world where human existence is being forced to acknowledge and address it’s vulnerability and
what it values most, this is surely a very timely and relevant exhibition.

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Huellas Humanas / Human Traces

This exhibition explores the social, historical and political importance of paper, its
value of permanence and vulnerability throughout mankind’s deep-rooted need to
make our mark.

I have chosen to work with letters of love, composed over centuries.

Though style and content changes over the years,
the purpose of a love letter remains the same in its function of expressing desire.

Written by hand on paper,
deeply felt personal emotions are expressed through words,
leaving a physical imprint of our existence
& our uniquely human,
capacity to love.
acrylic & oil pastel on paper  70cm x 40cm -  27.5" x 16"

A letter written by Fida Kahlo to her Catalan lover, the painter Josep Bartolí Ocktober 1946
Love Letter no.2

paper, charcoal & acrylic paint on canvas   40cm x 40cm   -   16" x 16"

Huellas Humanas / Human Traces

September 3rd - 30th,
09:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs Monday to Friday
 Casa De Cultura, Av Masou 1, Calpe Spain.